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9 Reasons To Book A Winter Holiday

As summer slinks out of view, we’re all dreading those dark winter mornings. And let’s not even get into the whole de-icer debacle, either. So, why not warm up your winter in a destination that’s turned up the heating just for you? If you need an excuse, or nine, to hop on the plane and sip cocktails in the 30-degree heat, get reading…


  1. The only ice you’ll see will be in cube form…

…Clinking in your Pina Colada. Not on your windscreen. Not on your windows. And definitely not at the bus stop, when you’ve just slipped over on it. In front of everyone. Instead, why not choose to slide – voluntarily – down the Kamikaze at one of our SplashWorld waterparks?


  1. You can put off buying Christmas presents

Suitcase fill-me-ups are way more important right now. There are new bikinis to consider, and at least ten pairs of sunglasses to be packed. Don’t worry, Auntie Mary, your traditional bottle of Baileys can easily be picked up in Duty Free. And it’ll be cheaper – result.

  1. The airport’s just around the corner

We’ve got flights from Dublin and Cork, so you can get packed and post your smug airport check-ins and the obligatory pint at 8am photo in no time. Who knows, you might even have time to squeeze in a quick makeover in the loop on the way.

  1. Warm toes always beat cold hands

Every. Single. Time. Especially if you’re one of those people who always manage to lose a glove. Which hand do you warm up when that happens? Winter’s cold enough without having to make those sort of decisions. Pitch up on the beach instead and get the factor 30 out.


  1. Winter’s all about saving, saving and more saving

Snooze. Reheated chilli con carne gets old after night two. And the guilt of splurging cash to make the Christmas party bearable is even worse. Go All Inclusive and you can leave your wallet at home. Food – in. Drinks – in. Spending a load on electric to warm the house? Out.

  1. We’ve got loads of great winter deals to the Canaries

It’ll be a toasty 22 degrees, and there’ll be no way-too-early Christmas adverts to annoy you. Just sea, sun and plenty of long, sandy, beaches with your name on. It’s also quieter in the winter too, so you don’t have to hide any dodgy tan lines from the crowds.


  1. You’ll spread a serious case of tan-envy

Golden bake spray tans don’t really compare to the real deal, do they? You can also, quite literally, avoid the winter blues by jetting off. The sun’s rays are known to boost serotonin levels, and give you a much-needed dose of vitamins that’ll work wonders for your teeth, bones and hair. Thank you, science. Here’s to looking on fleek this winter.

      8.Waking up in the dark never, ever feels ok

And, forcing yourself to get Vitamin D through fruit and veg is always a mission. Especially when the office is full of those pre-Christmas tins of Roses. A way easier option would be to grab some sunlight in Costa Blanca, obviously…

  1. Jetting off somewhere hot and steamy is pretty romantic

Way more romantic, in fact, than showing up to date night wearing ten pairs of tights and three scarves. And there’ll be far less arguments over whose turn it is to de-ice the cars, too. And, if you need to take the kids with you, we’ve got a load of family friendly hotels this winter. Why should Santa get all the credit for surprises?

Christmas and New Year from DUBLIN & CORK to the Canaries:

  • 22-Dec-17, Dublin to Tenerife, Hotel Catalonia Las Vegas, Puerto De La Cruz, 3*, HB, 7 nights from €899pp.
  • 31-Dec-17, Dublin to Lanzarote, Clubhotel Riu Paraiso Lanzarote Resort, Playa De Los Pocillos, 4*, AI, 14 nights from €1,199pp..
  • 24-Dec-17, Cork to Tenerife, Catalonia Punta Del Rey, Las Caletillas, 3*, AI, 7 nights from €1,2299pp

Winter 2018 Deals from just €369

  • 18-Jan-18, Dublin to Gran Canaria, Monte Feliz, Bahia Feliz, 3*, SC, 7 nights from €389pp
  • 28-Jan-18, Dublin to Lanzarote, San Marcial, Matagorda, 2*, SC, 7 nights from €369pp.
  • 26-Jan-18, Dublin to Tenerife, Catalonia Punta Del Rey, Las Caletillas, 3*, AI, 7 nights from €399pp
  • 25-Feb-18, Dublin to Lanzarote, Lanzarote Paradise Club, Costa Teguise, 2*, SC, 7 nights from €379pp
  • 16-Feb-18, Dublin to Tenerife, Laguna Park, Playa De Las Americas, 2*, SC, 7 nights from €429pp
  • 08-Feb-18, Dublin to Gran Canaria, Monte Feliz, Bahia Feliz, 3*, HB, 7 nights from €389pp

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