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Our Top 5 destinations from Qatar Airways!

Qatar Airways has been flying from Dublin since last year to many global destinations across via their connecting hub in Doha, Qatar.

Of course, you could simply travel to one of the most exciting cities in the Middle East, Doha. But for those who want to go further afield, we have put together a collective list of 5 destinations that we believe will be of interest to everyone.



Singapore, Asia

Why not visit the World’s Best Airport, Changai, with its own movie theatre, butterfly garden, accommodation options and more. This airport even has its own transport concierge to ensure the most welcoming start to your trip while eliminating the risk of becoming lost in such an exceptional city.

From here you are free to choose your accommodation type and of course the attractions to visit. Singapore has plenty of world-famous attractions perfect for people of all ages, including the spectacular Marina Bay, Universal Studios Singapore, Chinatown and the Singapore Zoo.


Sydney, Australia

Most Irish people with relatives down under would probably already be aware of this service from Dublin to Sydney as it was very much anticipated and appreciated.

However, if you don’t have relatives in Sydney there are still plenty more reasons for you to visit! Including the World Renowned Sydney Opera House or Sydney Harbour Bridge, maybe even take a trip to Bondi Beach to soak up some sun.


Tanzania, Africa

From thrilling safaris to the physically challenging Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania is perfect for those seeking an adventurous holiday of a lifetime.

Apart from mountain climbing, there is plenty to see and do and as expected, most attractions involve wildlife and exploring the dramatic African landscapes.


Bali, Indonesia

Indonesia’s most popular holiday destination with stunning views, exceptional culture and beautiful beaches! Most popular for its beach resorts and water sports alongside breathtaking mountains and historical temples. It is a luxury holiday destination with pure beauty!


New York

And last but by no means least, if you still haven’t seen a destination that you would fall in love with instantly, New York City! The City of Dreams, if you don’t fancy a safari or a cultural holiday, if you haven’t seen what you’re looking for on this list then this is what you’re waiting for.

From shopping to movie tours, world-famous sights and views and many many more, New York City is the City for everyone. There is so much to do and see you wouldn’t believe. From the Empire State Building to The Statue of Liberty and everything in between, who wouldn’t have this fabulous city on their bucket list!



For details on these and over 150 destinations take a look at the Qatar Airways website!